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Our company is the leading supplier of 100% Original Punugu. We import original Punugu from Africa and Ethiopia, supplying it to temples, Ashrams and Beedams.

The Punugu Perfume – A Special Scent Used In Tirumala Temple

Tirumala Tirupati temple is a world famous with in the Hindu region. The world’s richest temple is also famous for the different way of worshiping lord Venkateshwara. Lord in Tirumala is mysterious with different rituals followed in sevas.


Here Is All About Punugu Perfume

The traditional cultures of Tirupati is most famous in its own way. Usually in different vaishnav temples has an ancient scripture on the mode of conducting rituals of Any puja or ritual conducted without using the aromatic substances like javvadi, kasturi and punugu bears. As the same way Tirumala has a special perfume to worship god is called Punugu.

The three aromatic substances are used at the Tirumala temple from time immemorial, but the continued use of the substances may be in doubt in the distant future, if not now. Leaving aside ‘kasturi’ and ‘javvadi’, take the case of `punugu (civet), which gives a long-lasting fragrance. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams is rearing the animal`civet also called `civet cat as it has striking feline features in its Sri Venkateshwara Dairy Farm to obtain the gel secreted from one of its glands to be used in the temple rituals. Nine such animals are being taken care of in the dairy.

This aromatic secretion comes from Punugu cat is used to anoint the idol of Lord Venkateshwara along with other perfumes during special prayers on Fridays. All other temples buy Punugu Thailam in bulk from the market. Agama pundits and temple priests say that the sweet fragrance of civet oil was a favorite of the Vaishnavi deity, according to folklore. “The use of Punugu Thailam also enhances the divine charm of the deity and attracted the devotees in large numbers daily. It also gave a glamour and shine to the majestic idol of Srinivasa.

Punugu Thailam is a popular ingredient used in all major and rich temples in South India. At the Srirangam temple in Trichy, civet oil is used to clean the stone idol during the Ashada Masam when the temple is closed for a month. Similarly Punugu Thailam is used at Sri Krishna temple in Udupi, Jagannath Temple in Puri, Lakshmi temple in Kolhapur and also at the Simhachalam temple near Visakhapatnam.

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